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Salas 137, Cenej

Salas 137 is an authentic Vojvodina family farm, which reminds us of the past times. It is near Novi Sad, in a settlement called Cenej, 5km from Subotica. Beside excellent national cuisine, guests can also be entertained by riding horses and driving an old "cab-hack" coach. Driving an old "cab-hack" for 30 minutes and 3-4 persons cost 13 euros.

Pension Bulac, Cenej

Pension Bulac is located in Cenej near Novi Sad. Pension has 8 rooms with 15 beds. Pension can offer also national cuisine in his restaurant.

Novi Sad lacks a commercial airport of its own, so connections from Belgrade [only 80km away] must be made by bus or train if one is flying into Serbia. Because it is on the train path leading to Belgrade, rail is a convenient way to arrive in Novi Sad from Budapest, Vienna, Zagreb, Munich, Ljubljana and other points north | west of the city.

The trip is about five hours from Budapest. From points south | east of Novi Sad, trains departing Athens, Bucharest, Skopje, and Sofia will pass through Belgrade on the way. Buses also serve Novi Sad directly from outside of Serbia, usually via Hungary or Croatia. Some Danube cruises also stop in Novi Sad, though typically for only a few hours.

Getting around Novi Sad

Many of the main tourist attractions in Novi Sad are within walking distance of one another. The city centre boasts the bulk of attractions, including cultural spots, restaurants, and nightlife. Public transit is available on buses for a nominal fee, but taxis in Novi Sad are remarkably inexpensive compared to most European cities, with fares usually under $5 for most trips.


Gallery: Pension Bulac, Cenej

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Pension Bulac, Cenej

Only 6 km from the Novi Sad center, on the old road to Subotica, in the typical ambient of Vojvodina is the Bulac boarding house which offers you:
- Bed in rooms of high category
- Restoraunt with excellent local and international cuisine
- Gypsy music


Gallery: Pension Bulac, Cenej
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